The value of beauty in our environment - it’s essential ability to uplift, to calm, to inspire - has been much ignored, and even denied. So much scientific work on the effects of in beauty physical environment has been published, but the principles are still not widely understood, nor applied.  

From my own experience and reading of the scientific literature, I’ve come to understand that our surroundings, visual, auditory, tactile and other types, profoundly affect our thinking, creativity, mood, stress level, and way of interacting. 

I’ve distilled out how certain kinds of beauty have been shown to help humans think, create, relate, and feel their best. One’s surroundings can either support or sabotage one’s goals. By simply creating an environment conducive to the task we need to achieve, achieving it becomes so much easier. 

I work with individuals to incorporate these scientific principles into their homes, offices, wardrobes and elsewhere in order to help them achieve their dreams, get the life they want, and be the person they want to be.  

I have long had the dream of changing our culture’s ideas about beauty. 

Dr. Waldrop is a physician with a background in psychiatry, extensive experience in design, and a longstanding love of beauty in all its guises. She is a graduate of Brown University, Columbia University and the University of Virginia Medical School. Dr. Waldrop splits her time between New York, Latin America, and London. 

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