We as humans are constantly imbibing everything. The feel of a watch against the wrist, the sound of traffic in the background, the heat of the sun through the window. We, of course, are not consciously aware of all these at once, but our massively powerful unconscious mind is absorbing each sensory input and applying that information to governing our bodies, our conscious minds, and our emotions.

The principles of what I call “deep beauty,” or that which is beautiful to the unconscious mind, have been uncovered through many years of scientific experiment and analysis. Deep beauty in our environment changes us — psychologically, cognitively, physically — for the better. And the principles of deep beauty can be applied to every aspect of our surroundings, from the fabric that touches our skin to the height of the ceiling in our office.

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Used rightly, it can transform every aspect of your life.

Beauty, deep beauty, the beauty of the unconscious realm, is powerful beyond imagining.

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