Using the science of deep beauty, we can create spaces that maximize creativity, cognitive performance, physical performance, relaxation, and happiness. 

we are freed from an endless cycle of stress and distraction and finally able to flourish.

spaces need to satisfy our modern social and personal needs, while at the same time satisfying our ancient, emotion-based, deep subconscious. In order for us to feel, create and think at our best, our ancient subconscious minds must sense that we are physically safe and will have our basic needs met. The subconscious mind determines this by detailed monitoring of every aspect of the environment. It takes in and evaluates everything from the temperature of the room to the texture of the wall. 

Decades of scientific research into the mysteries of the subconscious mind have produced guidelines and principles for creating spaces that communicate “relax, you’re safe” to the vigilant subconscious. When we allow our ancient brains to relax by surrounding ourselves with deep beauty, or what the subconscious mind would view as “signals of safety and comfort"...

As Sally Augustin, Ph.D., so eloquently puts it, “A well-designed space is where the right things happen.” If we are meant to concentrate, we can concentrate. If we are meant to sleep, we can sleep. If we are meant to socialize, we can do so easily and enjoyably.

Dr. Waldrop uses scientific, evidenced-based design principles to create home, office and entertaining spaces that help people live better. She creates offices that optimize cognition and creativity while minimizing stress; bedrooms that are a sanctuary of calm and relaxation; dining rooms that create an inviting sense of warmth and occasion. These design solutions make an immediate, measurable difference in the way people feel, think, act, and interact.

In order to be our best selves, our homes and work

“A well-designed space is where the right things happen.”

Creating Spaces that Work