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Mood-Enhancing Supplements and Treatments

Natural-Looking Fillers to Restore Lost Volume 

IV Glutathione for Skin Brightening

Anti-Ageing Vitamin & Antioxidant IV drips

Consultations and appointments are also available with Dr. Roxanna Namavar, a Fellow of Anti-Ageing and Functional Medicine. Dr. Namavar uses an integrative approach to achieve better health and to enhance and support natural beauty. She expertly provides a wide range of medical beauty treatments, including: 

Dr. Roxanna Namavar

Our bodies are a powerful source of beauty. How we physically look, feel, and function affects our mood, thinking, level of creativity, and interactions with others, perhaps even more powerfully than the rest our environment does. Healthy is beautiful. Healthy is smart. And we have a great deal of control over our physical health. There are myriad ways to consciously create healthy physical beauty through our actions, as well as by creating spaces that promote healthy behaviors.

Combining her medical knowledge with cutting-edge research and ancient traditions, Dr. Waldrop is available to provide guidance on diet, supplements, and skin care products. 

Dr. Catherine Waldrop

Healthy is Beautiful


Subtle Botox for Smoothing Wrinkles