— George Brescia

"The messages carried by your clothing don’t only travel outward – they also boomerang their way back to you, affecting your deepest sense of self and identity."

Shaping Identity & Perception

personal style

“[Clothing] is the bridge between our private, interior words and the public, external world through which we travel. It is a shape-shifting cloak with a symbolic power that works in two ways: deeply affecting our sense of self while simultaneously informing the perceptions of strangers, acquaintances and loved ones alike.”

Dr. Waldrop will help you create a personal style that radiates the best of you. Working together, you will uncover your optimal personal style, suited to your personality, goals, and lifestyle.

Your new style will support who you are, and who you are becoming. It will include not just clothes that flatter, but complete looks that will help you look and feel “just right” on every occasion. In addition to helping you curate a wardrobe(s),

— George Brescia

Dr. Waldrop will also help you discover the most flattering hairstyles and the best cosmetics, and help you put all the elements together into a cohesive, beautiful whole.    

Personal style consultations are completely customized and may encompass anything from establishing the basics of a work appropriate wardrobe to customized high fashion and advanced styling for events of all varieties. 

Clothing not only affects our unconscious minds, but it also profoundly affects the unconscious judgements others make about us. Clothing affects how the people we meet evaluate us, treat us, and how they emotionally respond to our words and actions. 

Dr. Waldrop offers wardrobe consultation based on the principles of deep beauty and on a comprehensive psychological understanding of how clothing affects the very conception of self. Clothing choice has been shown to affect cognitive abilities, levels of creativity, level of confidence, outgoingness and mood.